• Shade 0 - Activated Mineral Sunscreen (SPF 33) $45.00
  • Tinted - Activated Mineral Sunscreen (SPF 33) $45.00

"It's one of the few mineral sunscreens Han (editor) not only tolerates, but actually looks forward to applying"

— Allure

"Activated Mineral Sunscreen (SPF 33) combines plankton extract, niacinamide, squalane, and lingonberry to help improve past sun damage while hydrating the skin."

— Vogue

“I’m fully impressed with this mineral sunscreen. There’s no white cast on my medium skin tone, and it doesn’t feel goopy or heavy on my oily skin.”


“Formulated with zinc oxide for broad spectrum protection, photolyase to correct sun damage, and lingonberry to shield against blue light damage, this groundbreaking sunscreen suits all skin types.”

— Forbes

“I love the sunscreen's tinted whipped texture, which melts seamlessly into my skin and doesn't pill under makeup.” 

— The Zoe Report

"This SPF was created by a Stanford-educated dermatologist to shield your skin from the sun, but also provide hydration and shield from blue-light damage."

— Bustle